How my days look like right now

I just came home from another CrossFit workout – feels so great afterwards! Now I thought it would be fun for you guys to get to know how an ordinary school day looks like for me. I think it can give you a better insight on how it’s like to get together both school and my workouts.

# Waking up. I usually start my school days at 8:15 am. So I (try to) wake up at 6:40 am so that I don’t need to rush in the mornings. I start with taking a quick shower. I boil some eggs while I am getting ready with hair and a light make up. Then I prepare some oatmeal or quark and eat my breakfast by the TV watching the morning news. At about half past seven, I get very stressed if I haven’t prepared my clothing and packing. I try to prepare my outfit for school and pack workout clothes the day before, but usually I don’t have time for that. At 8 am I meet up with my classmate and neighbour.

IMG_5033.PNGSometimes I actually set my alarm on 6:30, just to look at my phone before I get up, haha..

IMG_3440Here I had some extra time to spend on my breakfast as you see.

# School. Right now I have very short scheduled days at school, but instead I have alot of essays to write on my spare time. So I usually stay in school until twelwe, and work out immediatly after lunch since my gym is in the same building as my school.


# Workout. Each workout is about 60-90 minutes long. I always end my workout with a protein shake before taking my bike home. I can bike home in like 5 minutes, so I am so thankful that I live so close to the school.


# Home. If I workout after lunch, I am usually home at 3 pm. Then I prepare dinner and make lunch boxes. When I have alot to do in school, like right now when I am  studying three courses at the same time, I usually do something easy like chicken made in oven, rice and vegetables. It is food that is quick to make and you get many lunch boxes. This food is also very good if you work out shortly after lunch like I do.

IMG_7816 Tierd but happy girl after both school and gym.IMG_7996

# Studying. When I am done with my food prepping it is time to continue with the studying. Since this is my last year, the level is much higher. I am not used to writing scientific reports and essays, so I really have to spend much time on the studies right now. That is why I am not as active on Instagram as I have been before. I always priority school and I try to make as much as possible during the week, so that I have my weekends (well almost) free.

IMG_1502Haha found this among my images. From a course called Production systems.

# Quality time. I put down the studies at 8 pm, then I have my own time for whatever I want to do. I end the days with a delicious night meal (I love casein pudding so much!) by the TV. I also check my emails, blog and Instagram.

This is pretty much how my days look like right now. I don’t know what you think about it, but I actually enjoy it even though my studies take alot of time and effort right now. I am so lucky that I still can work out as often as I do and get energy from that. I’m so happy that this is my last year as an engineering student :-).

(And since my boyfriend has moved to our home city, where he has began to study, I have not the dog here with me. Otherwise my days would have been very different :-)).

IMG_8010One of my favorite quotes that I always try to live according to.

Today’s dinner

Today I ended school early, at 10 am, so just before lunch me and my friend went on a 45 minutes spinning class. It was the first one in a couple of months, I totally love it! I never sweat as much as I do on spinning classes, haha. I always need to bring a towel.


Now I have made some dinner and lunch boxes before my laundry time starts. Half my laundry are workout clothes, haha.


I pan fried some chicken in the fajitas seasoning I had left from the weekend. It tasted so good with the couscous salad I made.
I just boiled couscous and blended some green pesto and salt with it. Then I added tomato, red garlic, cucumber and radish. Super delicious!
I served this with a fat free yoghurt from Lidl. I have pressed some garlic in it too.

New skincare product

Since I love my mineral make-up so much – I just had to try this over night mineral treatment from the same brand! This exciting purchase waited for me at home today:



I have heard that it gives your skin a real treatment; reducing pores, increasing luminosity and delivery faster cell turnover.
This is exactly what I need now when the fall has come to Sweden and I am missing my glowing skin. I have been recomended this product so I really hope it works :-). I will come back with my experience of the product!

Tjurruset 2014

I took a 30 minute shower, with all my clothes and shoes that I wore on the run, but the water was still black and brown.. And it smells so bad, haha. But it was so worth it – I had an amazing run! Although it was hard running past someone (without falling or make someone else fall) when running in a tight queue – I had a blast. It was a completely different run that I am used to; alot of deep water, mud, swamp, bog and different obstacles in the forrest.

Foto 2014-09-13 13 06 37 Foto 2014-09-13 16 14 41My friend here started in a later start group so she got alot more mud on her as you can  see. But I promise that I had alot on me too, but here most of it had dried aldready. I even swam in deep muddy water.

And can you believe what happend to me at the end?!?! I got mud and water up to my neck and I could not break free – I was completely stuck, hahaha. So embarrassing since I had the misfortune to step in a deep pit while everyone else could pass me… I even had to get help from an officer who had to carry me out from the pit!

Foto 2014-09-13 16 16 20

Even though I had some bad luck I finished 53rd of 1000 of the women. I do not see this run as a real competition, since it was hard passing people on the way. We also had to walk alot and wait for our turn on many obstacles. I usually run 10 km in 45 minutes on competitions, today I ran ~10-12 km on 1 hour and 8 minutes. I will def do this next year also! :-D

Small giveaway

UPDATE: I have now randomly picked a winner, and the winner is Evelina. Congratulations! I have sent you an email :-)

I have recieved some samples from Nutramino – perfect if you want to give it a try! This whey isolate & concentrate is also new in their sortiment, as well as the delicious flavors.

Foto 2014-09-02 17 41 57


Just write a comment below (don’t forget to fill in your email address) if you want to win a small goodie-bag with samples, bars and other stuff from Nutramino and I will randomly pick a winner tomorrow (friday) evening.

Videos from a local project

I just saw that the commercial videos for my gym has just been released at YouTube. We recorded this just a few days after I came home from Greece, that is why I look so tan, haha.

We also took alot of pictures – I can’t wait to see them as well!

Bor du i Karlstad och vill få en provvecka på mitt gym Livskraft? Hör av dig till mig :-D

CrossFit introduction

Finally home and I just came out of the shower. I am also making a delicious omelette while I am writing a short summary of today’s CrossFit workout. Today was the first introduction day of three. I have already tried out CrossFit twice, one time at this place/box actually, but now I really want to give it a real try. I am finally going to buy a membership after this course is done :-).

Foto 2014-09-11 21 28 26 Foto 2014-09-11 21 28 49
I am so happy that I am not the only one anymore that want to try out this exciting sport – it was so crowded when I came! I had a really fun workout, a much lighter one if I compare with the other WOD’s I have done. I wish I started out with an introduction workout like this when I first gave it a try. I actually got really scared after my first CrossFit workout or WOD when I left with bleeding hands and bruises all over my body, haha. I am such a fighter when I am among other competitive people.

Foto 2014-09-11 21 29 31My little snack before taking the bike 4,5 km to the workout. It was a late workout at 7 pm, I usually don’t work out that late. The workout was after both lunch and dinner. If I had the time I would work out this late every day, because I have the most energy in the evening actually :-). I can be so tierd, especially mentally, immediately after school. 

Foto 2014-09-11 21 30 43

Now I can smell that the omelette is done. I have no school tomorrow but I have to get up early to continue writing my essay.. It is about environmental economics this time. Good night everyone! ;-*

My first video blog try

Thank you so much for waiting for the video post. I have struggled with it for hours – everything that could go wrong really went wrong today.. First off all I had borrowed a really good camera for the video, but it did just record for a few seconds and then it turned off. I finally decided to record with my webcam, and after that I could not understand my video program. So I downloaded a new one and got a virus as well….. When my video finally was done, and virus removed, it turned out I had to buy the freaking program to get rid of a stupid watermark in the middle of the video, hahah. Disaster!
So you have to understand me when I haven’t added any underlines to this video. I don’t even know if it is worth to put the video up. But since I have spent so many hours on it today, I hope some of my scandinavian readers enjoy this messy video.

I have answered your questions in english text as well, just click the “Continue reading…” button below to see the answers.

Continue reading…

Running and motivation

Foto 2014-08-02 12 50 45 Yay! I finally got hold on a ticket to Tjurruset on Saturday, which is a 10 km tough running track in high water, mud and other difficult surfaces. It is the first time I am running a track like this – but after I ran the color run I really want to try other unique competition runs as well.


I have no idea how long it will take to run this track, but I hope I will run in an hour. I run 10 km on completely flat ground in about 45-46 minutes, so I think it could be possible. I will give it my all – that is for sure!!! I am so excited already!

IMG_8371 IMG_3125Pictures from Kraftprovet in July, 11,6 km. 

Signing up for competitions is a great way to get motivated and for setting both short and long term goals. That will also make you stay motivated.
I promise you that you will be amazed of what you can achieve just by setting a goal like this. A goal could be just to compete for the first time. It is a great motivator, even when you have completed it. Then you probably want to improve until next time.

NOVATEK CAMERAA picture from my latest run in August, Color Me Rad, 5 km.

Want to read more about how to get and stay motivated? Read this blog mpost that I have written, and here I also have seven quick motivation tips. I am sure you will find it helpful now after the summer.

Make-up and skincare

I have gotten alot of questions about which make-up I use and how I take care of my skin. My skin is actually so important to me, just as having a nice and healthy hair. When you work out and sweat alot the pores tends to absorb dirt and impurities alot easier, and they also open up and get more visible.

I have naturally a combination skin, which makes my skin so much more sensitive for different enviroments like when I sweat alot. Therefore, I am very careful with my skincare. I wash my face every morning and night with a cleanser. In the evening I also use a peel and a toner. But it is even more important which daily make-up you use, since it will be crucial for the condition of your skin.

DSC01053Here is the all natural me when I have my “good skin days”.

I have such long days at school and I (unfortunately) feel the need to wear make-up everyday to feel fresh. My sister wears almost no make-up at all, and I am so jelaous of her. I would love to have a glowing skin like that, but unfortunately I don’t.

So I make the best of it instead and I have found my saviour – mineral make-up. You get such a luster and it look so natural, at the same time covering up blemishes. It is all 100% natural minerals, with no unnatural and chemical additives, which also has a soothing and nourishing effect on the skin. My skin feels so soft when I use it and I can work out immediately after school with the mineral make-up on.

NamnlösMake-up on!

I have only used mineral make-up for a short period of time, but I am very sure I will not go back to the heavy liquid foundation with alot of chemicals. I love my Bare Minerals!