Workout class

Yesterday I signed up for a BodyPump class, totally spontaneous. I usually don’t go to classes at my gym (no time) but yesterday I felt for a group training with the kindest instructurs at the best gym in this town.

I have some errands to do before it starts so I have been prepping some food to take with me. I am also taking some slow protein, casein, before I leave home in case I have to eat afterwards.

A simple tuna salad – quick, easy and easy to eat just before/after a workout. It is also some quinoa in there. I am also taking some amino acids and pre workout powder with me in my shake :-).


Since I know this 50 minutes workout is going go be very sweaty, I will use one of my new tanktops, haha. I just love the quote, so true.


My supplements

As I have mentioned before I am a user of different supplements in my daily life. I see it as a great, cheap and flexible COMPLEMENT to the food I eat every day. It opens up opportunities to get better and improving in my stressful student life. I have written about protein supplements before, but now I am going to write about every supplement that I use and shortly explain why I am a user of it.

1. Protein shakes. The most common supplement among workout people. Whey protein is a great quick protein source to start out with; it’s cheap and there is a wide range of it. I also use the Casein protein source, which is a slow protein powder. The body ‘absorbs’ the protein during a longer time, which makes it great to take before going to bed or for breakfast.

Foto 2014-08-27 17 41 57 Foto 2014-08-27 17 43 26
Protein shakes makes it possible to keep my daily protein intake high enough. Eating too little protein makes me hungry faster and I easily get cravings. But most importantly the protein makes me build muscles and maintaining them.

Foto 2014-08-27 17 42 41

2. Pre-workout drinks/powder. When I feel low in energy these drinks are my rescue. Since I don’t drink coffee or consume these drinks too often, I really feel the effect of the high level of caffeine. Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness.

Foto 2014-08-27 17 42 16
I drink it about 30 minutes before my workout. And sometimes I mix my pre workout powder with some amino acids in my shake to really spice it up.


3. Amino acids. I use a powder mix of several amino acids from Nutramino, where the most popular amino acid BCAA is one of them. BCAA reduces muscle breakdown and increase the protein synthesis. They also help you improve your workout intensity; it makes you work out harder for a longer time.


4. Creatine. In 2-3 months periods I use creatine powder for several reasons. Number one is to help me perform to the next level since creatine helps me push myself to a couple of more reps or faster starts when doing high interval training. I can work out harder and more intense during these periods – I can really feel a big muscle endurance improvement.


5. Carbohydrates. This is basically just fast carbohydrates that gives me  extra energy when I do longer workouts or high intense workouts. Instead of taking a fruit in the middle of a workout, I just blend some of this powder with water in my shaker. Sometimes also with some amino acids if the workout is long. Like when I do a strength workout and then a spinning class. Then it is perfect and I can work out with the same energy as usual.

Foto 2014-08-27 17 43 50


As you may already know my favourite fruit by far is the red grapefruit. I love to eat it just as it is; I just cut it in to two halves and then I eat it with a small spoon.
I love the fresh taste, but the grapefruit is also a very nutritional fruit with alot of health benefits.


The grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is a vitamin that supports our immune system. Alot of studies shows that the vitamin is a great cold-fighter and it is also associated with a reduced risk of death from all causes including heart disease, stroke and cancer.

The pink/red grapefruit is rich in the antioxidant Lycopene (therefore the red color) and the antioxidant appears to have anti-tumor activity.

Both blond and red grapefruit can reduce blood levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and red grapefruit lowers triglycerides as well. Which makes the red grapefruit twice as effective.


There are alot of health and nutritional benefits with the grapefruit. Here were just some of them. You can find plenty of studies that shows more of the benefits.

Running goals 2014, update

I have now been running for a while now (since April) so I thought I could share how I am doing with my goals this far. Because if you remember, I wrote a small list with some goals and guidelines for getting better in the beginning of the year.


Here you have the list and as you can see I have been able to cross out some of the goals. The point of this is neccessarly not to cross out everything, but it is a great way to stay motivated and always strive for improvement.

Altough I haven’t reached my time goals quite yet (not far away :D) I still have improved at the main competition run. And that was my main goal this year. My second main goal is to compete in another run, Tjurruset, for the first time in September. Looking forward to it so much!!

HERE you can read my other goals of the year. And I can already see that I can cross out some of the things on the list :-). How is your list going??

22/8 leg workout

I decided to share my leg workout today since many of you are asking for it. And this week I haven’t been working out as often as I usually do (5-6 times a week) so this is an overall leg workout that suits most people and their workout scheduele.

The key for improvement is variety. So my leg workouts usually look different each time with new exercises. It doesn’t neccessarly have to be big changes, you could for example do lunges with kettlebells/dumbbells instead of a barbell. Or just switch up the order in the exercises.
I also like to seperate the bum, calves, hamstrings (back side) and quads (front). Then I really can focus on one or two parts of my legs at one workout.


Here is today’s workout. Choose weights that are suitable for you and your shape; most important is that you have a proper technique. Today I choosed to do a lighter workout since my back still were a little bit sore. The workout took about 70-90 minutes.

#0.Warm up: 5 minutes of bicycling to the gym, very light leg extensions (mostly for the knee area) and some squats with only the barbell.

#1. Squats (a pyramid): 30 kg – 10 reps – 3 sets, 40 kg – 8 reps – 2 sets, 50 kg – 6 reps – 1 set. Then I go all the way back again: 40 kg – 8 reps – 2 sets, 30 kg – 10 reps – 3 sets.

Foto 2014-08-22 12 22 07

Foto 2014-08-22 13 52 22

I like to do deep squats on the lighter sets, and on the heavier I do ‘normal’ ones or both.

#2. Leg press: High rep, medium weight. Here I am not going to write any weight here since this is very different from machine to machine. Choose a weight where you have to push yourself to do 20 fast repetitions * 3 sets. It is okay to take a few seconds of rest if you need once or twice in the end.

Foto 2014-08-22 13 55 01

I am using an horisontal leg press here, although I prefer the one where you press upwards.

#3. Walking lunges with barbell: 25 kg – 30 steps – 3 sets.

Foto 2014-08-22 13 56 00 Foto 2014-08-22 13 56 11

#4. Standing lunges in TRX with dumbbells: In one superset with one leg: 4 kg in each hand * 10 repetitions followed by 10 repetitions with no weights. I did this 3 times for each leg (total of 6 sets).

Foto 2014-08-22 12 20 37

#5. Stiff deadlifts: 20 kg – 10 reps – 1 set (warm up), 30 kg – 10 reps – 1 set, 40 kg – 10 reps – 2 sets. 50 kg – 8 reps – 1 set.
Here is a video of me doing stiff deadlifts.

#6. Leg extensions: Dropset * 3: 15 reps, 20 reps, 20 reps.

#7. Lying leg curl: Dropset *3: 10 reps, 13 reps, 13 reps.

I haven’t  written the weights here either since it vary so much on different machines.


What I eat on the weekends

I have gotten many questions about what I eat during a day. I have already posted how I eat during a normal school and workout day, you can check it out here. But now I will post how a typical workout day look like when I am free from school and wake up a little later. Like on the weekends.

#1. Breakfast (9 am)
Protein oatmeal and 2 pan fried eggs.


Breakfast is so important, and I notice such a difference at my workouts when I have eaten a good breakfast or not. A good breakfast for me has both some slow carbs and a lot of protein. Also some fast carbs to wake up.
The slow carbs is in the rolled oats, the protein is in the cottage cheese, quark, protein powder and eggs. The fast carbs is in the berries.

#2. Snack (12 pm)
My delicious smoothie.


To keep the blood sugar and hunger level stabile. Otherwise I get really low in energy.

#3. Lunch (2 pm)
Mixed quinoa salad and a protein bar.


A light meal perfect before a workout. I can eat pretty much of this meal one/two hours before working out and not feeling bloated or too full.

#4. Snack (4-5 pm)
Protein shake. Fast recovery after working out.

#5. Dinner (6 pm)
Sweet potato fries made in oven and a chicken stew wook, With some spinach and tomato.


#6. Evening meal (8-9 pm)
Simple omelette made of two eggs, cottage cheese and some spinach and tomato on top.

#7. Evening snack


This is a summary of what I ate yesterday. I want to say again that what we need to eat to accomplish our goals is very different. I need to eat like this to keep my muscels, energy and strength. And it works perfectly fine for me. It is up to you to find out what works best for your body and goals, maybe you could find some inspiration out of this.

Time for the Color Me Rad run!

A while ago I had a competition where you could win a pair of tickets to this run in Sweden. Tomorrow is the big day and I can’t wait!!
We picked up our things and tried on tomorrow’s outfit; we are going to look like this:






The “RAD” piece of paper is a tatto that we also are going to wear. More photos will be up after the run. I am planning to take my GoPro with me! :-D

Pictures from my walk

Sorry for not updating yesterday but after work I spent almost 3 hours at the gym, it was so fun! After my shoulder and biceps workout, I chatted with some of the CrossFit team. They asked if I wanted to join them and I could not say no.. Of course I wanted to try CrossFit some more! And I ended up doing a lot of heavy power cleans, box jumps and toes to rings (are they even called that? haha). Exhausted in a good way!

So today is my rest day, I decided going out for a walk with my sister. Here are some pictures :-).

IMG_8853 IMG_8852 IMG_8850 IMG_8849 IMG_8843 IMG_8841 IMG_8834 IMG_8823 IMG_8821 IMG_8820 IMG_8819

I bought a new sports top from H&M today also, it is the gray one that I am wearing on the pic. I have one in neon pink also – they are so comfy!

Night snack

Just came home to my boyfriend and we made a simple omelette and smoothie for night snack. We didn’t have that much at home (to do a luxury omelett like this one), so we took some left overs that we had.


The mixed salad is from the tacos we made yesterday and in the smoothie we used all kinds of frozen berries that we had in the freezer.

To make this simple omelette for 2 persons you’ll only need 4 eggs, 1 dl milk, 1 tsp oil and some mixed seasoning (I used salt and an all around mix).
Just put everything in a cold pan and blend it together.
Pan fry on low heat and put whatever you have at home on it. I had some mixed salad, bacon and mozarella on mine today.