New workout clothes

Can’t get enough of these sports bras from H&M, they fit perfectly and gives a comfortable support. They come in so many beautiful colors and suits great under a tank-top. I want them all! They had a sale on them on H&M’s website, but I could not wait; I wanted them now, haha.


I also bought a stunning t-shirt in dry-fit material. I love bright colors like this! Especially pink, as you may have notice.

I then decided to save my money and not buy any more clothes this month. BUT today I recieved an email telling me that my size was available on again, so I just had to buy them before they was out of stock again. I have waited so long for these and now they are on their way to me:


Tomorrows back workout

I am finally starting to feel better in my foot, yay! I cut myself under the foot on a sea shell, that is why I haven’t been working out since saturday. So I have planned tomorrow’s workout well (for once), I am already looking foward to a long and sweaty back session. Back is actually my favourite workout at the moment since it is a big muscle with alot of different exercises. Here is the plan if you want to try it out as well:


You can read about what pyramid sets are HERE, if you haven’t figured it out from the barbell row exercise. And you can also check some of the back exercises out HERE. If you want to know how the other exercises looks like, try search on it on YouTube :-).

One arm row with dumbbells.

Kraftprovet 2014 – 11,6 km

Finally home in my bed! Feeling a little bit exhausted, but it is not as bad as it was last year ;-). I was very strict with drinking enough water this time in this heat. Want to know how I prepared myself (food, sleep, water) read THIS blog post.


The track was 11,6 km which is alot for me since I mostly run 5 km at home. And on top of that, this track is far from flat. So it is like doing hill intervals half of the time, haha. But I really enjoy the challenge and it is a beautiful run by the water and the support is great. It is both on asphalt and in the forest.

I was afraid that I would not get better than last year’s time since I haven’t been cardio training alot. But I beat the time 45 seconds and came in on place 45 of the women. Last year I came in on place 39 I think, and the time was 56:15 but it was more participants this year.
So I am so happy now!!! Thank you so much everyone that have been cheering on me and wishing me good luck today. I am so grateful!!














It was a long time ago I felt kind of nervous like this; the prestigious run is already on friday!! Only four days left!
You may wonder why I get so nervous or anxious, it is just because I know deep in my heart that I haven’t focused so much on cardio this year.. So I have actually no idea how it will go this year. I was so determinded to beat the time I got last year; such a shame that I made a time 4 minutes better than my goal time. It is going to be hard to beat that time this year, that is for sure!

But these feelings also come from that competetive person inside me. I always want to be better than I was yesterday. I always strive for progress and nothing else. I always compare myself with me, no one else. It can have its downsides too, because I am very afraid not to be as good as I want to or have been.

Get ready for some really old pictures, haha. These are taken from an home video, unfortunately we don’t have any newer pictures :-).

Like when I was younger and trained the martial art Taekwondo. The thing I was most afraid of wasn’t to fail, it was letting my parents see my failures – which didn’t even happen. They have never pushed me into anything, so I have no idea where it comes from. But I remember that I hated when I knew they were there to watch. I think I was afraid to let someone from outside see my downsides, when all I wanted them to see was how successful I was on the trainings.


Today I really regret not wanting my parents at my tournaments or gradings. I actually forced them to wait outside once (!!). Which I never would have done today. Thanks to them I actually signed up to this years run, even though I haven’t been training much cardio – beacuse I know they would come and support me. That is what really matters, and that is why I am also looking foward to friday! :-D.


Midsection training

Everyone wants a tight and good looking stomach, right?! But today I am going to write little about the other important side of having a strong midsection that many of you may not think about. Having a strong core will actually help us perform other exercises with a much better technique, which also will help us avoid injuries. The ab muscles will give us a strong, tight and correct posture – even with a lot of weight on the bar. The core strength is very important in most exercises, even if you are just standing up doing bieceps curls. Or when you are doing squats – when the mid strenght actually is holding your body posture in the right position all the time.


So the core strength is more important than we think. Also when it comes to our normal everyday posture. If you have a strong core, it will keep your stomache tight and flat.
Here are my new favourite core and ab exercises at the moment:

1. Overhead bar raises, lying

Keep the bar in a steady position the whole time. I used a 20 kg barbell here, but try with something lighter the first times. You’ll also need some help from a friend keeping your feet down. Or you can find something that you can keep your feet under like I did.

2. Side bends, with dumbbells or kettlebells.
For the obliques, the side muscles of the stomache. If you haven’t done this before you defenately will feel it the day after! But remember to use the abs on the way up with the weight, nothing else. I use a 12 kg kettlebell for this exercise, and I usually end my ab workout with this one.

3. Toes to bar
This exercise is also very good for the whole midsection. Try to do it slow and try to not swing your body. Don’t give up if you can’t do more than three strict repetitions in the beginning. It’s alot about the technique, and I went from doing 2 strict ones to 10 in a week.

Good luck with your training! xx

How to get and stay motivated

Sometimes it can be hard draging yourself to the gym or getting out and run. And while you finally are working out you can’t wait until it is over. We all have those days when motivation lacks, even I. I always want to look foward to my workouts, and never want to quit and go home. I also want to feel really, really good after completing a long and intense workout with 100% dedication. Here are some of my tips to get there:


* Plan and structur your workout. Always know what to do at the gym or how long and where you should run. Then you have a good plan and know exactly what to do and expect. No shortcuts! ;-). And if your planned workout goes well, it is easy to continue and do a little extra.

* Write down your results. When you know where you have been, you easy become your own competitor and inspiration.


* Download some new workout music frequently. Motivating music is the best cure for not wanting to work out. HERE is my spotify list.

* When nothing still works, I usually look for new exercises or a new running form (like intervals/hill intervals). It is always good with some variation.


* Work out with a friend or sign up for a class. Training always gets more fun with other people, it doesn’t always have to be so serious. You also can push and motivate each other.

* Put up some long and short time goals. Read THIS blog post if you want to read mine.


Hope you got some new inspo! xx

What is going on right now

Sorry for the inactivity.. I rarely speak about my personal life because I don’t want to put my whole life out there. I am very strict with drawing a line what’s personal and not. But it feels good giving you some insights in my hectic life also, and explanations why I haven’t updated in a while.


In the summer I have a job at the hospital in my hometown. Today I did my first day of five weeks there. I have been working there in five years now so I am really comfortable with the job. But it also means that I have moved in with my family again. I am going to stay at my mom’s house where I have an own room but I will share the kitchen with five others, haha.

At the moment I am living at two places; since my boyfriend is still in our own apartment 2 hours away. I have four (!!) gymcards signed up and I don’t have my own kitchen. I am not complaining, but a well organized person like me gets really stressed out when routines are not like they usually are.

I actually am an extremely organized and well planned person. I am at my best mood when I know exactly what and when to do everything in a week. It got even more important when I began to study at the university two years ago. Then it got very important to me to plan my study time and workouts, when to do my meals, seeing friends and just relax.


Sometimes I wish I could let go of that need of structure in my life that I have right now. But I guess that is what have had helped me getting through my education with good grades and being successful at the gym at the same time. I think most people would struggle with that. This combination, of education and health, has made me accomplish so many things. But unfortunately it has given me alot of sacrifies too. Like going out, the social student life and seing friends more often. Even though I have felt that I haven’t had the time or need (in my well scribbled schedule), I know that it would been scary but relifing to let go of that need sometimes.

All and all it definately has been worth it. But I can’t wait to be done with school and when I can start catching the day however I want. I want to travel around the world with almost no packing at all, meeting new people, getting new experiences and just taking a plane or boat to next destination. That is my plan in 1-2 years. Just need to work some more $$$.

Haha, good night everyone! Hope you enjoyed this unusual blog post.

Blueberry & coconut ice-cream

Blueberry ice-cream (2-4 portions)

- 2 eggwhites
- 500 g low fat quark
- 2 tsp of raw unsweetened vanilla powder
- 2 tsp of granulated sweetener (or some honey if you want to add natural sweetness)
- 3 dl blueberries

Coconut ice-cream (2-4 portions)

- 2 eggwhites
- 2 tsp raw unsweetened vanilla powder
- 500 g low fat quark
- As much shredded coconut you’d like. I had like 5 tbsp.
- One large banana, or 2 small ones
- Some milk to make it easy to mix. I had regular low fat milk, but you could also use coconut water/milk.

Start with mixing together the eggwhites with vanilla powder and sweetener. Then you can add the rest of the ingridients.
Put in plastic boxes and stir around each 15 minutes until it’s all frozen, if you haven’t got an ice-cream machine. A good idea is to put in several smaller boxes, rather than one large.

Enjoy your healthy icy ice-cream!! :-D



Here’s some healthy food inspiration if you want to try something new. Super easy and delicious summer food.


Chicken skewer:

Marinade the chicken in some oil, soy, mixed seasoning and herbs. Set the oven at 225 degrees.
Cut some mixed vegetables to put on the skewer. I had red onion, champinions and squash.
Put everything on the skewers and put in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Healthy tsatsiki:


1/2 large cucumber
1 tbsp créme fraiche
2 tbsp quark
Pressed garlic and salt

Serve with whatever you would like. I ate this with a fresh spinach salad and some rice cooked with a chicken stock cube. Enjoy!


A little adventure

Foto 2014-07-04 16 48 05

Click on the pictures to enlarge them. And click on the arrows to switch pictures. If you can’t see any arrows on your mobile phone, try to rotate it on the long side.

I love summer breaks! When I study I have no time to do things like today, which is truly a shame. Good thing I only have one year left in school! :-). When we woked up and saw that the sun was finally shining again, we decided to go for a long walk to a lake where we could swim and stop for a barbecue. We spent almost four hours there; just relaxing and enjoying the great weather. And our dog really surprised us with almost taking a swim for the first time (unforced). I guess our leftover hot dogs really helped us out, haha.