Low carb high protein bread


For one loaf of bread:

- 2 dl flax seeds (linfrö)
- 2 dl almond flour (mandelmjöl)
- 2 tbsp of optional flour, I used rye flour (rågmjöl)
- 2 tsp baking powder
- 1-2 tsp salt
- 1 dl sunflower seeds
- 1 dl pumpkin seeds
- 250 g quark
- 6 eggs

Turn the oven on 175 degrees. Start with blening all the dry ingridients in a large bowl. Mix together the quark and the eggs in a separate bowl.

IMG_4978.PNGHere are the dry ingridients..

IMG_4977.PNG..And here are the quark and eggs mixed together.

Pour the batter into the bowl with the dry ingridients and blend it all together.

IMG_4976.PNGHere is the batter with everything mixed together.

Pour the batter in a bread form with a parchment sheet. Put in the oven for about 1 hour and 15 minutes far down in the oven.

It will smell delicious in your house, and taste even better! :-)

Feeling ill

Another long day at school is over, and new lunch boxes are made. And do you know what’s in the oven right now?! Low carb and high protein bread. Can’t wait to taste it this evening :-).

IMG_4975.PNGHere is the bread made of alot of yummy seeds, eggs and quark. I will give you the recipe tomorrow if it’s a success.

IMG_4974.PNGAnd here are my lunch boxes – greek hamburgers and rise cooked in a tomato sauce.

I decided to make some bread today and take it easy with no workout (even though I brought my workout clothes to school) because I am starting to feel ill. I rarely get ill but now my throat hurts and I hate feeling 50% and not being able to be as active as I want to get better again. But this time I will listen to my body so I can get back on track as soon as possible :-).

Greetings from a tierd girl in the couch feeling sorry for herself, haha. I hope the bread turns out great though in about… 5 minutes!! :-D

Chicken and vegetables

Yesterday I prepped some food for my lunch boxes. I love to do meals that are quick and easy but yet something exciting and healthy. I did chicken in the oven with a lot of delicious vegetables, onion and sweet potato – it turned out so delicious! Here is the recipe.

Foto 2014-09-01 21 37 08

You’ll need:

  • 900 g of chicken/3 large fillets
  • Vegetables such as: tomatoes, red/green/yellow pepper,
  • Half a red onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/3 of a leek
  • 3 mid large sweet potatoes
  • Some seasoning and olive oil

Foto 2014-09-01 21 37 40

Start with turning the oven at 200 degrees. Slice up the chicken fillets into two halves if they are too large. Pan fry only the surface of chicken and season it with salt, pepper and some other optional seasoning. Put the chicken in a large oven-proof form.
Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Slice up the vegetables, onion and leek and put it in the form with the chicken and sweet potato. Press garlic and pour some olive oil over it.
Put in the oven with a foil sheet over and take away the foil just before the chicken is done and keep in the oven for about 10 minutes more. Enjoy!!Foto 2014-09-01 21 36 33


Phew, finally home in the couch after a long day at school and a sweaty workout. Loved the GRIT class today! It is high rep strength class, which makes it both a strength and cardio workout. It has always been my weakness that I really want to improve.

I tried GRIT for the first time about 2 years ago. Then I could barely handle 12 kg on the bar. Today I pulled of 20 kg. It felt amazing!!!! Such an improvement. I think I had the same weight, or maybe 15 kg, one year ago when I tried it again with my boyfriend. A combination of a much better technique and gained strength made me improve by 8 kg on the bar on my third GRIT class.

And now I want to show you my latest purchases – large shredded coconut flakes and goji berries. Can’t wait to try the coconut!


..And here are some other new things that waited in the mail today, aah!! :-). I also recieved a lovely bathing suit from Triangl when I was in school. I’ll show it on later!


Cottage cheese with apple and cinnamon

I just put the dinner in the oven (new dinner recipe will be up tomorrow) and while it’s in the oven I made a little snack. Super healthy and delicious.


I just took 250 g of low fat cottage cheese and blended it with cinnamon, some sweetener and sliced apple. I also added some goji berries (which are rich in antioxidants) but that is optional :-).


Backside leg workout

I love Sunday workouts. For me they are usually pretty short, about one hour, and I take some extra time at each exercise just to feel every single repetition I do. I also see Sunday workouts as a chance to focus more on the technique.

 NamnlösToday I decided to train the backside of the legs; which includes gluteus, hamstrings and the calves.

#0. Warm up. 5 minutes bicycling to the gym. Some very light lying leg extensions.

#1. Stiff deadlifts. I started with this exercise since this is my favorite one for the backside. I always do this exercise with a 20 kg barbell, but you could use dumbbells like on the picture also. HERE is a video of me doing the exercise.

20 kg: 12 repetitions * 3 sets (with a little swing at the bottom)
30 kg: 10 repetitions * 3 sets
40 kg: 8 repetitions * 2 sets

#2. Good mornings. Since this is a pretty new exercise for me I did it with only the barbell and focused alot on the technique. This exercise is for the hamstrings, gluteus and the lower back as well.


20 kg: 10 repetitions *4 sets

#3. Cable kickbacks. I always do this exercise at the end of a leg workout. This is an exercise that is only focused on the gluteus. I love to make some variations on this exercise each time. Today I did kickbacks with a completely straight leg the whole way, I tried to stop at the top and lower the leg as slow as I could and I also pulsed the leg at the top a few times before I came back in starting position again.

cable kickbacks

I am sorry I did not catch this on a video since it is hard to explain with only words. But I promise that if you try different variations of this exercise yourself, you will find out what burns the most. Try also to start with a heavy weight, and then do some last repetitions with a lower weight. And repeat. This is called a dropset.

#4. Calf rises. I did this in the smith machine, which probably is the most popular. You can just focus on lifting the weight upwards and you definitely will feel the burn in your calves. Try mixing many slow repetitions with some faster ones. Also try to stop at the highest point for a few seconds.
HERE is a video of me doing the exercise.

40 kg: 20 repetitions * 2 sets
40 kg: 15 repetitions * 1 set
50 kg: 13 repetitions * 2 set
Dropset: [50 kg: 10 repetitions] followed by [40 kg: 10 repetitions] * 1 set

#5. Hip thursters. This is also an exercise I do at the end of a leg workout, and it is also only focused on the gluteus. I prefer doing this one in the smith machine, but you could also use an ordinary barbell.


20 kg: 20 repetitions * 3 sets
30 kg: 15 repetitions * 2 set
Dropset: [30 kg: 15 repetitions] followed by [20 kg: 10 repetitions] * 1 set

Saturday breakfast

Today I felt for spending some extra time in the kitchen for making a delicious saturday breakfast.


I made a frozen smoothie (just added a little less milk/water) and then layered it with rolled oats, vanilla quark, banana slices and blueberries.

To that I pan fried two eggs and sliced up some avocado, yum!

And do you know what I did yesterday? I signed up for a 3 weeks CrossFit introduction course here in the town where I study. It starts on September the 11th – can’t wait!!

Workout class

Yesterday I signed up for a BodyPump class, totally spontaneous. I usually don’t go to classes at my gym (no time) but yesterday I felt for a group training with the kindest instructurs at the best gym in this town.

I have some errands to do before it starts so I have been prepping some food to take with me. I am also taking some slow protein, casein, before I leave home in case I have to eat afterwards.

A simple tuna salad – quick, easy and easy to eat just before/after a workout. It is also some quinoa in there. I am also taking some amino acids and pre workout powder with me in my shake :-).


Since I know this 50 minutes workout is going go be very sweaty, I will use one of my new tanktops, haha. I just love the quote, so true.


My supplements

As I have mentioned before I am a user of different supplements in my daily life. I see it as a great, cheap and flexible COMPLEMENT to the food I eat every day. It opens up opportunities to get better and improving in my stressful student life. I have written about protein supplements before, but now I am going to write about every supplement that I use and shortly explain why I am a user of it.

1. Protein shakes. The most common supplement among workout people. Whey protein is a great quick protein source to start out with; it’s cheap and there is a wide range of it. I also use the Casein protein source, which is a slow protein powder. The body ‘absorbs’ the protein during a longer time, which makes it great to take before going to bed or for breakfast.

Foto 2014-08-27 17 41 57 Foto 2014-08-27 17 43 26
Protein shakes makes it possible to keep my daily protein intake high enough. Eating too little protein makes me hungry faster and I easily get cravings. But most importantly the protein makes me build muscles and maintaining them.

Foto 2014-08-27 17 42 41

2. Pre-workout drinks/powder. When I feel low in energy these drinks are my rescue. Since I don’t drink coffee or consume these drinks too often, I really feel the effect of the high level of caffeine. Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness.

Foto 2014-08-27 17 42 16
I drink it about 30 minutes before my workout. And sometimes I mix my pre workout powder with some amino acids in my shake to really spice it up.


3. Amino acids. I use a powder mix of several amino acids from Nutramino, where the most popular amino acid BCAA is one of them. BCAA reduces muscle breakdown and increase the protein synthesis. They also help you improve your workout intensity; it makes you work out harder for a longer time.


4. Creatine. In 2-3 months periods I use creatine powder for several reasons. Number one is to help me perform to the next level since creatine helps me push myself to a couple of more reps or faster starts when doing high interval training. I can work out harder and more intense during these periods – I can really feel a big muscle endurance improvement.


5. Carbohydrates. This is basically just fast carbohydrates that gives me  extra energy when I do longer workouts or high intense workouts. Instead of taking a fruit in the middle of a workout, I just blend some of this powder with water in my shaker. Sometimes also with some amino acids if the workout is long. Like when I do a strength workout and then a spinning class. Then it is perfect and I can work out with the same energy as usual.

Foto 2014-08-27 17 43 50