Clean and healthy eating – start now!

As I said yesterday I get alot of questions about food and clean eating. In this post I will write about clean eating and how I started. I will also give you some advices that I hope you will find helpful. Start making healthy choices, feel good and start to see long lasting results!

20140307-101546.jpg 20140327-195908.jpg Photo 2014-04-06 21 00 23 20140330-173210.jpg 20140413-213315.jpgThere are healthy food in all the pictures. You can find the recipies to most of the food on the “Recipies” tab above in the menu.

1. Why eat clean? I rarely use the definition “diet”, because it can be missunderstanding. I advocate for a long term healthy and clean eating lifestyle. This is very important to get and also maintaining your results -you’ll need to make a lifelong comission to your body. It may sound easy, but it is very hard, especially in the beginning. The key is to be patient and to really make every dish healthy.

2. How to eat clean? You can read how to eat clean in my previous post hereThere you also can find most of the groceries that I always have at home.

  • Eat lean proteins like egg, tuna, chicken, beef, beans and peas. This will help you to feel full for a longer time, and this will also prevent overeating and cravings.
  • Eat whole grains like rolled oats, brown rice, quinoa, whole grain rice and pasta. Switch out the refined products to whole grains, this will for example stabilize the blood sugar level. Most whole grain products also contain more protein.
  • Eat low fat diary products like quark, cottage cheese and milk. They are a great protein sources and give strength to your bones.
  • Eat healthy fats like in avocado, nuts, seeds, fatty fish and vegetable oil. This is great for your heart and is an overall support for your health. Avoid saturated and trans fats, which are the bad fats. You could find it in ice-cream, cookies, candy, butter and fried food.
  • Cut down on your sodium (salt) intake, and drink alot of water. By having a high sodium intake you can actually start to carry extra water weight and you’ll feel bloated. You will avoid this by cutting down on your sodium intake and by drinking alot of water. Try to swich out all sugary drinks (soda, juice) to water. Drinking alot of water (aprox 2-4 l per day) have great benefits for your overall health!
  • Cut down as much as you can on sugar. It is empty calories that will make you feel bloated.
  • Try to avoid alcohol, which not only contains alot of calories; it will also effect your sleep, exercise and overall health.
  • Do not skip meals. Try to eat frequently and often. You could see an example from my daily food intake, but remember that the food intake is very induvidual.
    Skipping meals and not eating enough (do not starve yourself!) will affect your blood sugar level negatively. This will make you feel tierd and it can also, in a long term matter of time, give you diabetes due to the insuline level. You also will not get the nutrition your body needs, and your metabolism will slow down. Your body could also enter a “starving mode” which will make the body to store excess body fat. So please don’t skip breakfast!

20140514-203833.jpgSmoothie in the making

3. How to start eat clean? I started to eat clean when I moved out from my parents and had to start making my own food. My dad has always tried to get me more intrested in cooking when I lived at home. He loves food and cooking and I have learned so much from him, unfortunately I did not really had the time or interest when I lived at home. I was very comfortable with getting the food served after school.

Photo 2014-05-18 19 22 42

  • That is why my first advice is to start with making the food yourself for you and your family if you still live at home. You will learn so much, your family too. Healthy and clean food are delicious, far more filling and doesn’t need to be more expensive. I am sure your parents also would be pround of you for wanting to make the food once in a while.Photo 2014-05-18 16 15 53
  • Make a monthly food budget and do a large grocery shopping once a week. Take time writing a list over the things you’ll need to make your healthy food during the week. You will save so much money from this, and at the same time avoid buying something unhealthy.20140731-204656-74816092.jpg
  • Look up some new healthy recepies. You will get alot of fresh inspiration and maybe you’ll find a new favorite dish that can replace some unhealthy food. Don’t be afraid to try something new or experiment in the kitchen.
  • Clear away all the bad food. Throw it away- do it immediately!!IMG_4675.PNGA quick and simple lunch box


  • Do your own lunch boxes. Then you’ll make sure to always eat healthy food, that will give you more energy at your job or in school. You will feel full for a longer time and avoid cravings. Don’t forget to bring snacks if you have long days away. You will even have some energy left for a workout afterwards! It is a real time saver as well.
  DSC04626 DSC04885  20140820-084311-31391955.jpg  Foto 2014-09-06 10 23 31 Lunch 20131028-194138.jpgIMG_4917.PNG


I think I don’t own a single garment from Puma. Maybe that could be my excuse for buying this light gray set, I am in love! I have noticed how gray pants accentuates the shape of the legs and bum very nicely. That is why my favorite tights are gray, but I don’t have any in this light gray color though (which is another reason for buying this set!).

pumatightsYou’ll find the pants here

pumatank..And the tank top here.

IMG_7514Me in my favorite Nike pro shorts :-)

Tomorrow I will write a longer post about food. I get alot of questions about clean eating and food prepping right now – which is very good. You seem to really understand the importance of healthy eating if you want to see results of your training. So check in tomorrow and I’ll try to make it a little bit easier to eat clean every day :-).

Saturday update

I am now watching a movie called “Love and other Drugs” with a large bowl of cottage cheese, cinnamon, apple and coconut flakes. Perfect saturday snack after a great workout. Today I started the workout with some heavy deadlifts and after that I focused on my upper shoulders. It felt so good to finally get to work out after a long day with studying. Yesterday I was at a friend’s housewarming,but since I did not drink I went up early and did some well earned shopping  this morning :-).

Foto 2014-09-27 20 34 49Foto 2014-09-27 20 33 34Foto 2014-09-27 20 33 43Today was the second time I deadlifted 100 kg – I got just as surprised like the first time I did it :-). 

I got a question about my upcoming workouts. I always plan my weeks so here you have it:

Sunday: Backside shoulders, abs and calves
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: CrossFit workout
Wednesday: CrossFit workout
Thursday: Legs and glutes
Friday: CrossFit workout or an upper back workout
Saturday: Both GRIT and a BodyCombat session at my gym. We are having an event with new realises :-D
Sunday: Bodyparts that I feel that I haven’t trained that much during the week.

As you see it is very different from what it use to look like for me – mostly because of the CrossFit workouts. I love variation so it’s very fun not knowing what’s coming up at a CrossFit WOD. And I learn so much new stuff! Both weightlifting and gymnastic exercises.

What are you waiting for?

I just have to share this great song with you. The lyrics is so honest and true. I normally listen to wild party music when I work out but this gives me so much motivation when I work out. Enjoy!

What are you waiting for?
Are you waiting on a lightening strike
Are you waiting for the perfect night
Are you waiting till the time is right?
What are you waiting for
Don’t you wanna learn to deal with fear
Don’t you wanna take the wheel and steer
Don’t you wait another minute here
What are you waiting for?

You gotta go and reach for the top
Believe in every dream that you got
You only living one so tell me?
What are you, what are you waiting for?
You know you gotta give it your all
And don’t you be afraid if you fall
You’re only living once so tell me?
What are you, what are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for the right excuse?
Are you waiting for a sign to choose
While your waiting it’s the time you lose
What are you waiting for?
Don’t you wanna spread your wings and fly?
Don’t you wanna really live your life?
Don’t you wanna love before you die?
What are you waiting for?

You gotta go and reach for the top
Believe in every dream that you got
You’re only living once so tell me?
What are you, what are you waiting for?
You know you gotta give it your all
And don’t you be afraid if you fall
You’re only living once so tell me?
What are you, what are you waiting for?

Tell me what your waiting for
Show me what your aiming for
What you gonna save it for?
So what you really waiting for?

Tell me what your waiting for
Show me what your aiming for
What you gonna save it for?
So what you really waiting for?
Everybody’s gonna make mistakes
but everybody’s got a choice to make
Everybody needs a leap of faith
When are you taking yours?

You gotta go and reach for the top
Believe in every dream that you got
You’re only living once so tell me?

You are the best!

Wow. I just came home from my CrossFit workout and got overwhelmed by all the nice comments you’ve posted on my previous post.  THANK YOU. I am so thankful for getting the opportuiny to inspire others. And I am even more thankful for all the nice comments I get. No comments in the world beat the ones I got today. I know I inspire alot of you guys, but it feels so good getting comments that truly confirm that the things you upload really matter. And most importantly, truly inspire. It brings a big smile on my face!


Want to read more about my background? Or maybe read an example of my daily food intake?

I have also written alot about how to get and stay motivated. And how to get started with strength training. Enjoy your reading!

The key to progress and success

Hi everyone. Today I feel like writing some of my personal thoughts here on my blog. And it is about success – what comes out from progress. I want to explain to all of you that I am not perfect, that I am also struggeling and that everyone can achieve those things that I have done and other goals that you want to accomplish.


It is just about having the right mind set. Physical and mental strength doesn’t come from the things we do – it comes from overcoming those things you never thought you could do. I started from the bottom and I fought myself up. I could only imagine how it would feel posting a progress picture so that everyone could see what I had achived. But 2 years ago I did not have any progress to show. I was weak and I haven’t seen any change for years.


So I decided to fight against the odds – I tried even harder and I decided that what happened yesterday no longer matters. I decided to left all my fears, doubts and insecurity behind and only compare myself with me. I decided to become my my biggest competitior – not my biggest enemy.

Shortly after that I was standing next to the guys in the gym lifting the lightest dumbbells. And using the barbell with no weight plates. But I did not care, I knew that everyone has to start somewhere. I believe that the first step to getting ANYWHERE is deciding that you are not willing to stay where you are. So that was exactly what I did.

Foto 2014-05-10 12 46 44 IMG_2343

I went from 45 kg to 53 kg in one year, only muscles. I went from not being able to lift a freaking pan while cooking to twice my bodyweight. I went from a very think girl to a more feminine, toned and fit woman. Photo 2014-03-07 22 31 40Photo 2013-12-23 12 01 40Photo 2014-03-07 12 13 22

I am still as motivated to achive things in life. And I get motivated by accomplishment and progress, not pride. I never give up and I work on my weak spots. I love finding things to get better on so that I can get and stay motivated.

The most important thing I want you to understand with this blog post is that I have failed so many times in life – but it doesn’t scare me anymore – it motivates me. That is why I succeed.


It would mean the world to me if you left a comment after reading this. It took me some time to write together this post and finding all the pictures :-). Just so that I know there are some people reading this! xx

Met myself at the gym

Food prepping DONE! Today I did my super healthy pasta again, it was a long time since I did it now. I love this pasta because you can freeze it in without losing flavor.

When I got to the gym this morning, I was very surprised when I saw my face on the door. I mean literally. It was a flyer for an upcoming event on my gym. It was actually a bit difficult to concentrate at the gym when I saw myself on the walls, haha. But I really like the bold picture, it brings attention.

Foto 2014-09-24 12 46 03I actually uploaded this picture on Instagram first, but them I realized that half of you don’t understand a thing on the flyer, haha. So I deleted it, because I don’t want you to think that it was some random advertising :-).

I tried to take pictures of my workout today (which by the way went great!) but my camera has become really wierd since I installed iOS 8 yesterday, the camera just won’t focus so it gets very blurry. A good thing I’ve just orderd an iPhone 6! Anyway, here is today’s workout:

  • 10 minutes warm-up with kettlebells: swings (12 kg), goblet squats (12 kg), single overhead squats (6 kg).
  • Heavy squats: 5 repetitions * 5 sets with 60 kg, 2 repetitions * 1 set with 70 kg, 1 repetition with 75 kg * 1 set.
  • Glute cable kickbacks: 20 mixed repetition on each leg *6 set. See the video HERE.
  • One legged lunges in TRX: In one superset with one leg: 6 kg in each hand * 6 repetitions followed by 10 repetitions with no weights. I did this 3 times for each leg (total of 6 sets).

Foto 2014-08-22 12 20 37

  • Pullups/chins with bodyweight: 5 repetitions * 5 sets.Foto 2014-06-19 15 30 46
  • Barbell row: 10 repetitions *1 set with 30 kg, 8 repetitions * 3 sets with 40 kg.

Since I have started with CrossFit a couple of days in a week, I have also started to mix some body groups together. Like today I trained both legs and back. I believe it is good with some variations :-)

Today I got to meet Michael

Phew, home after another CrossFit workout! I live 4,5 km from the box so I am pretty exhausted when I finally come home. And since I live up on a hill it doesn’t make it any easier, haha.
Today we did a WOD (workout of the day) called Michael. It was pretty simple and it involved alot of running so I had a real advantadge in this workout. I completed it in 16:42 minutes.


Michael: (x3 laps)
– 800 m running
– 50 back raises
– 50 sit ups


We did some swings and single and double overhead squats with kettlebells as a warm up before this. And I realized that I really have to work on my kettlebell skills!! I am a little bit afraid of them actually, haha.. So I get very unbalanced and shaky. Looking forward to train that away! I love progress and I know I will get there someday (soon I hope!) :-).


New shoes

I sold some of my old shoes and bought a new pair of Nike’s. This  time I ended up with these stunning sneakers – Nike Air Max Thea. It is my first pair of shoes in this model, and I am already sure I want another pair in another color. They are so beautiful and comfortable.

Foto 2014-09-22 17 08 59 Foto 2014-09-22 17 48 12 Foto 2014-09-22 17 49 06 Foto 2014-09-22 17 11 00